Site Requirements

1.Recommended Operating Environment

For Windows
OS:Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Browser:IE8.0 or later version, Firefox3.6, 6 or later version, Chrome13.0 or later version

For Macintosh
Browser:Safari5.X or later version, Firefox3.6, 6 or later version, Chrome13.0 or later version

Screen Size
1024×768 pixel or larger

Communication Speed
1.5Mbps or faster

2.JavaScript and Cookie

We use JavaScript to provide more enjoyable website experience. If you have JavaScript turned off on your browser, unexpected errors may occur on some pages. Therefore, we recommend turning on JavaScript on your browser for viewing our website.

Cookies are used on our website so that we can understand the visitors to our website and improve the contents of the website accordingly. We are not collecting any personal information by using Cookies. You can turn on the features on your browser to track and/or uninstall Cookies. Please refer to the Privacy Policy section regarding handling of personal information at our company and to find out how Cookies are used by the Company.

3.Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

We use CSS to provide better visual experience on our website. If you have CSS turned off on your browser, unexpected errors including not being able to display web pages may occur. Therefore, we recommend turning on CSS on your browser.


We have given careful consideration to ensure that your viewing experience of our website is independent from your cyberspace environment. However, when viewed in the browsers other than those recommended, some layouts (such as the locations of links and buttons) may not be displayed correctly. (Although, there shall be no difference in the contents.)

5.Font Size

The size of the font for the texts is not fixed. You can change the size of the font larger or smaller depending on how you'd like to view the screen. Larger font will make the texts easier to read while smaller font will increase the volume of information displayed on the screen.

6.Voice Browser

Consistency in Layout and Style

By applying styles for page titles, headings/captions, paragraphs, rules, etc., we have increased readability of our website, resulting in making the website more accessible and user-friendly.
e.g.) Formatting Dates
Some voice browsers do not recognize dates in abbreviated display; therefore, we have spelled out all dates as shown below.

Not "2012.01.01" but "January 1, 2012"
Not "2012/01/01" but "January 1, 2012"

7.Alternative Texts for Images

ALT attributes for images are defined based on the surrounding context; therefore, enabling skipping of nonessential images.