Engineering Business

Our team of engineers with vast experience and knowledge in paint and paint engineering will provide support in installation of paint equipment, production ramp up, and continuous process improvement in order to satisfy your requirements in quality, productivity, cost, lead time, and others.

Ueda Co., Ltd. provides

I.Facilities Engineering

Phase1 Planning/
Create Presentation for Master Plan based on Customer's Requests
Phase2 Master Planning Establish quality, quantity, cost, estimated completion date and submit process planning, layout, and specifications for facilities
Phase3 Detailed Planning Establish estimates and construction conditions and submit details including value analysis.
Phase4 Installation/
Establish construction system and promote safe and swift construction while providing individual/exclusive schedule adjustment

II.Facilities/Products Launch Support

Phase1 Setting Basic Conditions Verify basic production conditions including production volume, number of product variations, product shapes, etc. in order to determine quality standard
Phase2 Setting Conditions /
Confirming Quality
Establish criteria for facilities, paint, and paint conditions based on production conditions and conduct test run. Confirm quality and implement corrective actions where required
Phase3 Production Ramp Up Planning Verify readiness for production ramp up including documentation and training
Phase4 Pilot Production Determine quality, equipment utilization, guarantee, and target cost


Phase1 Process Inspection/
Study current status by inspecting process and listening to customer
Phase2 Activity Planning/
Identify process to be improved, method, schedule, target, and submit estimate
Phase3 Improvement Activities Execute activities together with customer
Phase4 Verify Effects/
Preventive Actions
Report the results, evaluate against target, implement on other applicable processes, and revise documentation

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