Business Plan Benefiting society and brightening peoples' lives through color.Business Plan Benefiting society and brightening peoples' lives through color.

  • Business Concept
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Business Concept

What is Ueda committed to as a company?

We are professionals in coating films. We partner with coating manufacturers to meet clients’ demands for special coatings and guarantee the quality of the coated films we produce. To that end, we are deeply versed in the field of coatings and have vast knowledge on coating equipment and methods. We are experts in mass production and other engineering technologies.

Ueda's Position

We act as a link between clients needing coatings and manufacturers providing those coatings. We listen closely to your needs and partner with coating manufacturers, leveraging our knowledge of and expertise in coating equipment and techniques and further bringing to bear our engineering and manufacturing skills. If you find yourself with a coating-related issue, do not hesitate to contact us. We will work closely with you to develop a custom coating line for your needs. We encourage you to avail yourself of our services.

Ueda's Role

We endeavor to deeply understand your craftsmanship approach and guarantee the quality of the coatings we offer. We aid you in making improvements to your mass production line and help you select the right equipment and methods tailored to your initial flow.

Ueda's Activities

Business Activities

We put clients front and center. This is our number one rule, and we have expanded our business in order to better serve a range of clients. We started with the sale of coatings and then moved on to engineering of coating equipment and manufacturing solutions, then on to construction related to coatings and renovation of existing systems. We do everything to help our clients further streamline and enhance their systems.


We act as a link between clients seeking coating solutions and manufacturers providing them. This enables you as the client to focus on producing even better products and pursuing your core competencies, while coating manufacturers can in turn focus on developing the best coatings for the job. To that end, we leverage a wide range of expertise and knowledge not only of coatings and coating equipment, but also experience working with clients’ proprietary manufacturing workflows and other engineering knowledge.

Our Promise

Whether engaging in the sale of coatings, engineering solutions, or construction, we stay true to our promise to offer high quality, reasonable pricing, thoroughgoing collaboration, and on-time delivery.


Partial List of Major Clients
(Alphabetical Order)

Our clients are the top leaders of manufacturing companies in a wide range of industries.

Automotive Alpha Corporation, Ishikawa Toyota
Oouchida Paint Co., Ltd. 
Kanto Kasei Co., Ltd.,
J Bus Co., Ltd., Tohoku Nippatsu Co., Ltd.,
Toyota Motor East Japan,
Trantechs Corporation,
SUBARU Corporation
Can and Metal Printing Showa Aluminum Can K.K. 
Taisei Buriki Insatsu Co., Ltd.
Toyo Seikan Kaisya, Ltd. 
Nippon Closures Co., Ltd.
Japan Metal Print Co., Ltd. 
UACJ Corporation
Honshuseikan Co., Ltd.
Metal Pre-coating Azuma Pre-coat Co., Ltd.
Kataki Aluminum Co., Ltd.
NIPPON STEEL Corporation
NIPPON STEEL Coated Sheet Corporation
Yodogawa Steel Works, Ltd.
Building Materials Comany Inc., Hokuriku LIXIL Co., Ltd. 
Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.
TAK Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Tachikawa Corporation, Toso Company Ltd.
Nikkei Katazai Co., Ltd.,
Nikken Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Nippon Light Metal Company Ltd.
Riken Light Metal Industry Company Ltd.
Construction and Industrial Vehicles KYB Co., Ltd., Kyowa MFG. Co., Ltd. 
Komatsu Ltd., Toho Car Corporation
Japan Transport Engineering Company
T.RAD Co., Ltd.
Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra Co., Ltd.
Wado Sangyo Co.,Ltd.
SASAKI Corporation
Sanwa Buhin Co.,Ltd.
Electrical and Electronics Hitachi-Johnson Controls Air Conditioning, Inc.
Toko Electric Co., Ltd. 
Hitachi Power Solutions Co.,Ltd. 
Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.
Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd.
Hitachi, Ltd., 
Yokogawa Electric Corporation
Steel, Shipbuilding and Bridges Sansui Co., Ltd., 
Shin Sanko Koukan Corporation
JFE Engineering Corporation 
JFE Steel Corporation
FaB-Tec Japan Corporation, 
Topy Industries, Ltd.
NIPPON STEEL Corporation
NIPPON STEEL Stainless Steel Corporation
Miyaji Engineering Co., Ltd.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Mitsubishi Heavy industries Transportation Equipment Engineering & Service Co., Ltd.
Painting Tamura Co., Ltd., Napco 
Hiraiwa Toso Co., Ltd.
Others Ishikawa Heat Technology Co., Ltd.
Ebara Corporation,
Lixil Corporation Swing Corporation
Toray Industries, Inc. 
Miura Printing Corporation

Partial List of Major Suppliens

Paint Manufacturer, Others Kansai Paint Co., Ltd. 
Kansai Paint Sales Co., Ltd.
Atomix Co., Ltd.,  Okitsumo Incorporated
Kawakami Paint MFG. Co., Ltd.
Kuboko Paint Co., Ltd.
NIPPON STEEL Chemical&Material Co., Ltd.
Daishin Chemical Co., Ltd.
Du Pont Kabushiki Kaisha
Chuo Paint Co., Ltd. 
Toyo Ink Sc Holdings Co., Ltd.
Mizutani Paint Co., Ltd., 
BASF Japan Ltd.
Chemicoat Co., Ltd. 
Dainichi Seika Color & Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Nihon Parkerizing Co., Ltd. 
Parker Industries, Inc., Parker Corporation
Mitsubishi Shoji Plastics Corporation 
Ohtsuka Brush MFG. Co., Ltd.
Sankyo-Rikagaku Co., Ltd. 
Nihon Kenshi Co., Ltd.
Rinrei Tape Co., Ltd. 
Meitec Corporation
Asahi Sunac Corporation 
Tsukasa Industry Co., Ltd.
Trinity Industrial Corporation
Nordson K.K.
Parker Engineering Co., Ltd.
Carlisle Fluid Technologies Ransburg Japan KK
Air Water Sol Inc., Lloyd Corporation 
and others

Partial List of Major Clients in China

Our clients in China include both Japanese and local companies with which we made contact through Ueda Paint (Jining) Co., Ltd.

Construction machine Production Komatsu Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
Komatsu (Shandong) Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. Body Division
Komatsu (Changzhou) Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
Komatsu (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
Construction machine・Farm machine Part Production Komatsu(Shandong) Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
Komatsu (Shandong) Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. Cast Steel Division
Komatsu (Changzhou) Foundry Corporation
Topy Undercarriage (China) Co., Ltd.
Okamoto Yokohama (Suzhou) Machinery Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Katsushiro Machinery Co., Ltd.
Qingdao Katsushiro Machinery Co., Ltd.
Changzhou Katsushiro Machinery Co., Ltd.
Katsushiro Machinery (Shandong) Co., Ltd.
Kunshan Katsushiro Machinery Co., Ltd.
Jining Goh Hydraulics Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Changzhou Tianshang Machinery Co., Ltd.
Hensley Lingfeng (Ningbo) Casting Industry Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Nabtesco Hydraulic Co.Ld.
Sogabe (Suzhou) Gear Reducer Co., Ltd.
Daikyo Machinery (Shandong) Co., Ltd.
Goryo F&D (Tianjin) Technology Development Co.,Ltd
Komatsu Construction Attachment (Changzhou) Co., Ltd.
Weifang Futagawa Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Dalian Sanjiang Metal Structure Co., Ltd.
Kunshan Anfa Machinery Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Tian Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd.
Hanshin Kiki(Xuzhou) Co., Ltd.
Toyo Iron Works (Danyang)Co., Ltd.
Ohashi Precision Machinery(Danyang) Co., Ltd.
Dalian Yixiang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Others Hangzhou Okamura Transmission Co., Ltd
Cascade (Xiamen) Forklift Truck Attachment Co., Ltd.
Chongqing Kansai Paint Co., Ltd.
Komatsu (China) Mining Ltd. Shuozhou Components Rebuild Center
OTC Industrial (Qingdao) Co., Ltd.